Add Shipping Costs to the PayPal Cart

9/17/2012 11:23 AM
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The PayPal site has a page that lets you set various options in your Shopping Cart, such as shipping charges. Simply login to your PayPal account online and set up your shipping options in Merchant Services. Then when your customers purchase items on your website, the options and shipping costs will be added at checkout.


Webinar: Watch Webinars on Opening a PayPal Account and Creating a PayPal Shopping Cart. You also visit the Webinar page in this Wiki to find a list of all our Webinars.

  PayPal knows their system best, so if you have more questions, you should contact them about shipping and tax options.

  • Go to
  • Click on the Merchant Services tab at the top of the page. This page has several tools including shipping and tax calculators. 

  • Click on Shipping Calculator

  • Choose Domestic or International with the options you want.
  • Add or edit additional choices. 
  • Click OK when done. 
  • When your customers buy your products, the choices you made in PayPal will show up at checkout.


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Add Shipping Costs to the PayPal Cart

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