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10/15/2012 12:34 PM
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 This wiki is for Web Studio 5.0 and Web Studio Pro.   

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   Web Studio TV is your one-stop destination for news, educational articles, and tutorials, along with a searchable, ever-growing set of videos that are each tagged with relevant terms. Visit Web Studio TV and watch the Video Tour to get started. You can also read the Using Web Studio TV Wiki article to see a map of the Web Studio TV Home page. 


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Compare WS 5.0/Pro to WS 4.0 and WS Elements. Go to www.webstudio.com to learn more.


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Master Page, Preview 

                      What's new in Web Studio 5.0                         

Web Studio 5.0 has the same features that made WS 4.0


great plus much more:


Menu Maker. Make drop down menus from any graphic.



Master Page. Do it once--change it everywhere.


Video Tutorials. Take you through all the features.

 Text and Text Tab  

Forms Factory. Web Studio does all the work.

New workspace. Ribbon interface puts commands at a click. 

 Photos and Graphics               

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Shapes & Colors 

Web Studio 5.0 comes complete with a downloadable
program and User Manual.
The Manual is shipped via Priority Mail
within 3 business days of purchase.

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   Upgrade from Web Studio 4.0 or WS Elements                   

  Web Studio 4.0 users and   WS Elements can upgrade
Uploading & Preview
  to WS 5.0 at a significant discount.

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