What's New in Web Studio 5.0

12/9/2009 11:04 AM
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Web Studio 5.0 comes packed with features such as Shape and Color tools, Master Page layout, Menu Maker for drop down menus, Forms Factory with a complete forms service, in-program Video Tutorials, free PayPal shopping cart, Master Page layout, and much more.   

 Web Studio 5.0 has a brand new user interface. Ribbon commands replace previous Menus. This makes the program more intuitive for the users and places command functions at the click of the mouse. The feature-by-feature Video Tutorials in the program make learning quick and easy. If you have a question about a command, simply click on the Video Tutorial and see a demo without leaving the workspace.  

Web Studio 5.0 offers feature-by-feature Video Tutorials right within the program. When you want to know how to use a command on the ribbon, simply click on the Video Tutorial launcher in the bottom right corner of each ribbon group. 


Web Studio TV is the newest member of the Back to the Beach family. Web Studio TV is the news outlet for everything about Web Studio. It has all of the Video Tutorials, weekly podcasts, articles, and a moderated blog. Users can subscribe to articles feeds and even sign up with Twitter to follow updates and get news about Web Studio. Visit http://webstudiotv.com/ to watch a Video Tour of Web Studio TV

 Together with Web Studio TV, the Web Studio Forum http://webstudioforum.com/ and the online Wiki http://wiki.webstudio.com/ provide the training and support that makes Web Studio great. At the moderated Web Studio Forum, users can submit questions and get help and tips from other Web Studio customers. The searchable online Wiki has hundreds of articles. Here, users find the answers to most of their questions as well as website design tips, a step-by-step tutorial, and links to useful websites.  

 Let us introduce two of our newest features and demonstrate how easy they are to use. 

Web Studio 5.0 comes with hundreds of new gallery graphics, slide shows, extensive layout tools, in-program internet browsing and a new Upload Publisher to make it even easier to upload your website to the internet. Our partner hosting company, iHostStudio.com, offers free trial hosting to all of our customers regardless of what hosting company they use.

With all of the features in Web Studio 5.0, anyone can create a professional-looking website without using any other software program. Here are some of the included features:

·   New intuitive workspace and commands 


·   Web Studio TV for networking and info 

·   Customize workspace 


·   Online Wiki with hundreds of articles 

·   In-program Video Tutorials for every feature 


·   Web Studio Forum 

·   Quick Access Toolbar for often used commands 


·   Upload Publisher 

·   Master Page for easy design 


·   Flash effects for text and graphics 

·   Drop Down Menus 


·   Website Templates 

·   Forms without the need of an additional server 


·   Browse internet within the program 

·   Shape & Color tools with solid and graduated fills 


·   Free PayPal Shopping Cart 

·   Color Commands and Opacity for graphics 


·   Full iHostStudio e-store 

·   Color picker to match any color on your screen 


·   Illustrated User Manual 

·   Custom Graphic Rollover Buttons 


·   Insert and edit HTML of objects and pages  

·   Button design studio 


·   HTML tools for pages and objects 

·   Slide Shows: Flash, Flickr, Smug Mug, Picasa 


·   Free trial hosting to see your site before uploading 

·   Google Site Map 


·   Automatic XML sitemap 

·   Google Maps link 


·   Insert tables from Word and spreadsheets from Excel 

·   You Tube link 


·   Insert Flash, videos and sounds 

·   Thumbnails 


·   Special effects for graphics and photos 

·   Hundreds of graphics in design galleries 


·   Highlight tools for links, overlaps, HTML, and others 

·   Easy linking to buttons, text, and graphics 


·   Page List to manage website pages 

·   Layout tools for objects